About Gameplay

About the show

Real stories, virtual worlds.
Gameplay is an award-winning narrative podcast about video games and the virtual worlds that power culture and community. Using long-form storytelling, Gameplay is a documentary style show that explores a variety of narratives from the world of games, and speaks to their ability to create immersive experiences and social connection. Episodes are released every two weeks.

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Winner - Best Gaming Coverage, Australian IT Journalism Awards 2021

The Team

James Parkinson
James is the Host and Executive Producer of Gameplay. He has previously produced audio stories for NPR and podcast content for Tennis Australia. James is also the creator of the award-winning podcast By Association. As a life-long gamer, James is now bringing his passion for storytelling and video games together through Gameplay.
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Kristofor Lawson
Kris is the CEO of Lawson Media and a Producer on Gameplay. He has experience in senior editorial and digital positions at some of Australia's largest media organisations, including; Australian Broadcasting Corporation, SBS, News Corp Australia and Network Ten. As host of the award-winning podcast 'Moonshot', Kris has covered everything from artificial intelligence to jetpacks. Follow Kristofor on Twitter.


Host & Executive Producer: James Parkinson
Producer: Kristofor Lawson
Artwork & Branding: Keegan Sanford
Theme Music: Breakmaster Cylinder

About Lawson Media

Lawson Media is an award-winning independent media company in Melbourne, Australia, focused on the creation of high-quality digital journalism and narrative podcasts. Our other editorial podcasts include; Moonshot, Building A Unicorn and Supercharged.

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Up, Down, Left, Right

The Sound of Hades

The Real You

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