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Games and great stories are closely intertwined, and as a Gameplay supporter or advertiser your brand is joining a global community of passionate gamers who care about high-quality narrative storytelling.

We've crafted podcast plans for brands of all levels, whether you just want to support via a small monthly contribution, or would like to partner on a bigger campaign.

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Key facts about Gameplay

Gameplay has been featured in popular podcast apps like Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts. The show hit #1 for Leisure and Games in the United States, #1 for Leisure and Games in Australia, and #1 for Leisure and Games in New Zealand. It was recently awarded 'Best Gaming Coverage' at the IT Journalism Awards beating well established gaming websites.

Gameplay appeals to audiences with a love of narrative storytelling and an interest in both the history of games and their influence on culture. 99% of our audience are aged below 45 with our largest demographic being 28-34 at 36%, and 23-27 at 32%. This means a majority of our audience are at an age where they're likely to have disposable income.

80% of our audience are men, 18% are women, and 2% are non-binary.

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